On Demand Car Configuration


A client-server application created as a proof of concept. The client renders a low poly car in real time, while the server renders a high quality image matched with the client viewport. Future implementation will have a browser integrated webGL front end. This ‘on-demand’ system was built for Visolab on …

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360 video IBL example


This is an experiment that uses realtime 360 degrees video as a background and image based lighting. Work in progress: performance, quality, etc. Working on getting the Global Illumination to use the lighting information.  

Visolab Toolset


With our client in Tokyo, Visolab Inc., we designed and built a media production tool suite on the Unity platform. This is a 100% cloud-based solution. No special hardware required for the end-user. It is mobile-friendly, too. Behind the tools, we developed a flexible SDK which allows for the easy …

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Siggraph 2011 WorksZebra


This is a good overview of work done for WorksZebra, Tokyo. The basic premise is a real-time rendering tool set which is used to produce high-quality advertisement content. The advantage over traditional offline rendering methods is speed and artist flexibility.