Artificial Intelligence and Mother Nature

Neural_Network (used without permission) There is a clear debate in today’s world whether or not artificial intelligent life can exist as a computer system. There is no doubt that we can, in our imaginations, see a robot which acts human. There have been many films which depict that. And, it is clear the computer can see, hear, organize, and react as well or otherwise as a human.

There is, however, as much disagreement about the moral nature and soul capacity of a computer system as there are disagreements about morals and spirituality. Therefore, it is a moot point to discuss the status of a topic in which the participants cannot agree on the obvious.

What is obvious to most people is nature. We can all agree that the sun rises in the east. Science seems to be based on such a principle: observation.

Therefore, it is my observation that as likely as it is to represent reality on a painted canvas, it is clearly possible to represent human behavior and intelligence in a computer system. They will never be the same. Yet, at times they can be indistinguishable.

As the master realism painters of the past were regarded for their ability to observe nature, so will the systems designers that mimic nature, as well as they can, within the canvas of a computer system.

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