Visolab Toolset

With my client in Tokyo, Visolab Inc., I helped design and build a media production tool suite on the Unity platform. This is a 100% cloud-based solution. No special hardware required for the end-user. It is mobile-friendly, too. Behind the user-facing tools, we developed a flexible SDK which allows for the easy creation of new apps and tools.

System features

  • Server based real-time rendering (cloud)
  • Universal thin client (currently PC and Mac, Android and iOS easy to add)
  • Runs on custom Windows server or Amazon EC2
  • Uses NVidia HBAO+ and NVENC hardware encoding
  • Unity Editor components and tools to make content creation easy
    • Car, Environment, Shot, shaders, etc.
  • One model asset can be used for our Image Creator, Movie Creator, and any other app made with our toolkit.

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